I have to vent about this. Especially about the Corey Haim board.

Theres so much hate over there & theres people who say they know him . Fair enough if you know him or knew him stop exploiting everything about his life on a fucking message board.

As for some posters over there who are the True fans on Corey Haim i think it’s good that you all leave your positive thoughts like i do on there. But then it all easily get’s filled with negativity. It’s not the negativity that bothers me though it’s all the things people write that’s so bad when they dont even know him.

Everyone over there keeps bringing up the “Drug” issue, You know what Unless you have experienced it yourself or know someone who has and had to watch them go through it dont be so quick off the mark to judge someone and think you know.

I will add more on this topic soon…………


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