Corey Haim.

Heres a post that Corey Feldman made on his blog today and in it was this about Corey Haim.

I would also like to address the Corey Haim fans who have been coming here lately, expressing and sharing your concern. Here is an update to some of your thoughts and questions. First off, he is definitely not dead. I guess someone started a rumor on one of the blog sites and you have been very sweet in your concern. He is very much alive and living back in LA from what I’ve heard. I have not spoken with him since we stopped filming almost 6 months ago. But he lives in an apartment directly below a friend of mine. He has done 2 films since we wrapped. I also have heard he is not doing much better from a health standpoint. This makes me sad, but it is ultimately his choice to do the right thing. With that said I do not want to become the official correspondent for his life, so I will not really be blogging about him from this point forward. Susie and I stand firmly together, and we will not continue on with any friendship, or show, or any other interaction, until or unless, he gets it together for real.

Okay now i’d like to express my opinions on this.

You Have heard Corey isn’t doing good from a health standpoint. I dont think Feldman should be writing these things about Haim i really dont. For one they are not on speaking terms anymore, and 2, do you honestly think shutting your “best friend” out of your life will help him? If anything he needs his friends especially his “best friend”.

But in my all honest opinion i thought Corey Haim was doing great with his 2 movies coming out which by the way are ” Crank 2 : High Voltage” & Shark City which he has just finished shooting. The point is He is trying to get his life back on track with his new movies coming out this i am very pleased about i’m glad he has these movies coming up.

I just think everyone out there takes it too far with Corey’s problems. He has or had a drug problem, he will get help all he needs is the right people around him to be positive about it all and say it how it is , and also have the drive & determination in himself and believe he can.

Corey please get better.


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  1. Right on girl you tell it how it is.

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